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Why Brokers Partner With Alturas

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The Alturas Broker Value-add System

Our goal is to reply to your initial contact within 4 hours and to respond, with a completed DCF, within 48 hours.

While we handle the heavy lifting, the broker partner is a highly valued consultant who is involved in every step, increasing the likelihood that the project makes it to the closing table.

Broker partners can depend on us doing all we can to make sure that a project stays on track. We will not get to the end of the project and fail to close due to a lack of capital or some other non-deal related issue.

We pay commissions on the acquisition, leasing, and sale of the property. The broker that brings the deal to us gets first priority on leasing and selling the investment. When deals go sideways, we do not look to the broker’s commission to bridge a gap.

When the broker partner is interested, we invite them to invest in the project alongside us as an equal partner (pari passu).

Long-term Partnerships
We believe that developing relationships that are built to last and grow over time is the most effective and profitable way of doing business for everyone.

Why Brokers Partner With Alturas

Partner With Us See Our Portfolio

We have a track record of creating long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

We provide quick, thoughtful and honest feedback. We close our transactions and do what we say we will do.

We like projects that are "outside the box." We can see opportunity where others might not.

Deal Makers
We seek to create value. We solve problems and work to find ways to do deals and close transactions.

We value real estate professionals and their impact on successful transactions. We will roll up our sleeves and do the heavy lifting along with our brokers partners.

We are not the typical landlord. Let us help you find the right solutions to the obstacles you and your clients face.

We enjoy paying generous commissions! When you succeed, we succeed. When it is advantageous, we also encourage ownership participation with brokers which can allow for additional value creation.

The Alturas Real Estate Fund

We created the Alturas Real Estate Fund to provide high net worth individuals and accredited investors access to professionally managed real estate investments. We seek to provide the highest possible risk-adjusted returns to investors, with a target return of 9-14%.

The Fund is a $100 million equity and debt offering, with a focus on value-add residential and commercial real estate investments. The Fund targets middle-market properties throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West regions of the country. These markets are frequently ignored by larger funds and can be profitable as part of a diverse portfolio that protects the investor’s downside risk.

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