Proven Real Estate Company Debuts on Online Crowdfunding Portal

Eagle, Idaho real estate investment company Alturas Capital is now featured on, an online real estate crowdfunding platform. is featuring the Alturas Real Estate Fund, which was launched in May 2015. The fund has gained significant traction since its debut, raising millions of dollars in capital and placing millions in real estate investments.

Being featured on will increase the reach of Alturas, particularly this fund.

“This is one more avenue for real estate entrepreneurs to raise capital, gain national exposure and open up their investment opportunities to additional passive real estate investors,” said Blake Hansen, Manager Partner of Alturas Capital.

Under the Jobs Act of 2012, companies can now generally solicit these opportunities to investors across the country. Few real estate firms have taken advantage of this opportunity, but Fairway America CEO Matt Burk saw an opportunity. was launched by Fairway America, an industry leading firm recognized for its innovation in the small balance real estate (SBRE) space, and the company features a wide array of investment opportunities.

“The potential of the Small Balance Real Estate market is growing by the day and we’re feeling that on in a very tangible way,” Burk said. “”Alturas provides yet another accessible small balance fund vehicle for our investors to consider.”