Invest with Us

A key to our success is a focus on creating partnerships,
especially with our investors.

Simple, Proven Strategy

We employ a simple strategy:

Guiding Foundations

Fundamentals That Set Us Apart

Speculation involves luck and emotion while investing requires discipline, analysis, and research. Speculation leads to mediocre performance at best, and disaster when market conditions change.
We expect downturns and plan for cycles. We like cycles because they create opportunity for those who are prepared. We find great investments in up and down markets.
We capitalize on discrepancies that exist in the market, especially when we can act quickly. This give us a competitive advantage to achieve on-going success.
We are analytical and we dig into details. This stems from the years I spent as a financial auditor at a public accounting firm before I founded Alturas.

Diversified Strategy

Consistent Returns with Lower Risk

One thing that sets us apart is our diversified strategy. We achieve consistent returns with lower risk by owning a diverse set of assets. We invest in: commercial real estate, residential real estate and loans secured by real estate.



We invest in commercial real estate. These are value-add investments, meaning that we create value through our efforts to reposition, improve and stabilize the properties. We achieve higher risk adjusted returns because of our expertise in bringing value to our real estate holdings.



In addition to commercial real estate, we also invest in residential real estate. Since 2009, we have made over 100 residential value-add investments. However, we don’t find the same deal flow in this space as in the past. Instead, most of our residential investments today come primarily through our company, Alturas Homes.



We also make loans secured by real estate. These are first position loans on residential and commercial properties. We underwrite loans as if we were purchasing the property ourselves and loan only on properties we understand. This lowers our risk because we know how to get top dollar for these assets if we were ever to get them back.



Our diversified strategy gives us a competitive advantage. It allows to know our true opportunity cost, so we can make the best decisions with our investment dollars and generate the highest possible risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Geographic Focus

Intermountain West and Pacific Northwest

Another key to our success is a geographic focus on the Intermountain West, which is one of the premier growth markets in the country. We know our market, which helps us reduce risk for our investors.

Our two primary markets are Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah. These markets have high job growth and low unemployment. Population growth is expected to be more than 2 times the national average over the next 20 years. This means opportunity for us and for our investors.

We also invest in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Portland, Spokane, the Tri-Cities.

Benefits of Real Estate

Why We Love Real Estate Investments


Real estate is a tangible asset. When purchased at the right price, based on historical asset prices and underlying cash flows, it has more stability than other competing investment opportunities. In fact, real estate in many ways is predictable, unlike the price of stocks, currencies and commodities like gold and oil. We feel more comfortable owning assets that we can see and touch.

Tax Benefits

Although real estate appreciates in value, for tax purposes the government permits an investor to expense the cost of the purchase price as depreciation over the life of the asset. Additionally, when a real estate investment is sold, the gain on the sale is taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income.

Inflation Hedge

Real estate is proven to be an inflation hedge in comparison to other investments. In fact, because leases in real estate are adjusted over time, they protect real estate owners against the eroding effects of inflation on the dollar.

Inefficient Market

Real estate is purchased and sold in a marketplace that is unorganized and inefficient. Many times decisions are made based on emotional considerations. This creates opportunities for active real estate investors to buy at undervalued prices. We find great opportunities in this inefficient marketplace, especially when we have the ability to act quickly.


Real estate is a tangible asset which over the long term appreciates in value, especially when purchased at prices below long term market trends or when managed properly by active real estate managers. We seek to maximize the value of our real estate investments through buying the right assets at the right prices and using superior management techniques.

Local Expertise

Real estate is local. Local real estate trends are influenced more by local market conditions than regional or national economic factors. We choose to own real estate in areas that we know, in desirable places in the path of growth. We know our market and plan to invest because of long term prospects for job and population growth.

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