The Alturas Real Estate Fund

Passive Real Estate Investment Opportunity for Accredited Investors

Alturas Real Estate Fund Overview

We created the Alturas Real Estate Fund to provide high net worth investors with an opportunity to grow their wealth with us. We employ a simple strategy, investing in a diversified mix of small balance real estate assets. The proof is in the results we generate for our investors each quarter. Find out why high net worth investors from around the country are investing in the Alturas Real Estate Fund.

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Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) Investments

The Alturas Real Estate Fund has a focus on buying small balance real estate assets, a perfect fit for creating wealth for high net worth investors. Small balance real estate is generally defined as real estate assets between $1 million and $15 million in size – typically too large for the amateur investor, but too small for institutional players. In this space, we find opportunities that can produce above average risk adjusted returns.

SBRE Community

We belong to a growing community of small balance real estate entrepreneurs. This community, led by the experts at Fairway America (link to Fairway, brings together high net worth investors and proven real estate fund managers. The Alturas Real Estate Fund has been vetted by these experts, and is one of the featured investments in the Fairway America Fund VII portfolio.

Summary of Offering

Alignment of Interest: We contribute at least 5% of the first $10 million
Fees: Asset management fee of 1.5%. No transaction level fees
Investment Structure: Debt & Equity Available 
Interest on Notes: 5-7% paid quarterly 
Preferred Return: 8% Cumulative Preferred Return, paid quarterly
Profit Split: 70% to investors and 30% to manager
Minimum Investment: $100,000 minimum investment
Distribution: Quarterly
Target Returns: 20% IRR

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Historical Returns and Performance

Since we launched the Alturas Real Estate Fund in May of 2015,
we have generated significant realized and unrealized returns for our investors.

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Our Partners

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Third party
financial audit

legal team


When you invest with us, you have a team of accountants from Fairway America who oversee the fund administration, providing additional peace of mind to our investors.
As required by our Private Placement Offering, the Alturas Real Estate Fund will be audited for the 2016 fiscal year end.
We sought the legal advice of one of the premier legal firms in the country.
When you invest in the Alturas Real Estate Fund, you get an experienced management team overseeing your investment.

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