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Diversified Investments – Thoughtful Approach

Who Are We?

Conservative, Principled Investors

Our Investment Philosophy

Analytical and Careful
We believe investing demands effort and discipline. Long-term success requires strict adherence to conservative underwriting principles and a thorough analysis of each opportunity. This principled approach provides lasting value for our investors and strategic partners while creating an investment culture focused on sustainability. Our investment strategy is grounded in the following tenets:
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Historical Perspective

We make investments based on long-term, historical trends. We look to prior history to help us anticipate future performance. We ground our expectations in the realities of market cycles and the opportunities these cycles create.
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We follow a strict underwriting process to buy assets with a margin of safety and positive cash flow. Our pre-acquisition analysis focuses on conservative modeling and is based on long-term trends in revenues and expenses, with realistic expectations for potential one time and on-going expenses. Our due diligence process is both thorough and realistic.

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Cash Flow

Cash flow drives the value of every investment we make. Therefore, we base investment decisions on income. While appreciation is an important factor, it is not the basis of our investment decision. We invest in tangible assets which protect our principal and generate reliable cash flow.
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Intrinsic Value

We seek to determine the true value of the investments we make. We do not make investment decisions based on fluctuating market prices; instead, we focus on underlying fundamentals that drive the intrinsic value of the assets.



We expect cycles and find opportunities in changing markets. We base our investment decisions on facts and historical trends. We take advance of new opportunities as they arise.
Margin of Safety

Margin of Safety

Acquisition price is the most important factor in determining return on investment. We seek to acquire and develop real estate assets at prices that make sense for the long term.



We limit our investment risk by making diversified investments in varied asset types, from single family homes to commercial real estate. We also believe in investments of varied time durations, which provide an additional form of diversification. These, in turn, create predictable cash flow and sustainability.
Active Management

Active Management

The management team at Alturas has proven to have the ability to identify opportunities and see those opportunities through to a profitable conclusion.

Expect something different when you work with us

Our core values form the foundation of our success


We value collaboration, selflessness and people.


We make a difference and value productivity.


We make the right decisions through sound research.


We are concise and articulate and give honest feedback.



We value candor and transparency with ourselves and our partners.


We believe in continual improvement and strive to do things better.


We know who we are and what we stand for.


We love what we do! We are energetic in how we accomplish great things

Simple, Proven Strategy

We employ a simple strategy:

Guiding Foundations

Fundamentals That Set Us Apart

Speculation involves luck and emotion while investing requires discipline, analysis, and research. Speculation leads to mediocre performance at best, and disaster when market conditions change.
We expect downturns and plan for cycles. We like cycles because they create opportunity for those who are prepared. We find great investments in up and down markets.
We capitalize on discrepancies that exist in the market, especially when we can act quickly. This give us a competitive advantage to achieve on-going success.
We are analytical and we dig into details. We pass on investments that don’t make sense because of information we find – and we make investments that others won’t, because of additional knowledge we have.